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About Us

A better life with a more beautiful smile
Taksim Park Dental Clinic was established in 2006 to provide all dental services through the professional hands of our medical staff and dental specialists in Istanbul. Our medical team of 38 people has succeeded over the years in creating thousands of wonderful smiles for our patients. With our slogan “A better life with a more beautiful smile”, Taksim Park Center has become a popular destination for patients from all over the world.

More than 13,000 dental implants have been performed in our center.

About our clinic
We believe that everyone deserves to experience luxury and comfort in our clinic, which is what we strive for. From the beginning, we planned everything and worked in line with the unique experience we want to offer you.

We have been keen to offer our quality robotic treatments in a calm atmosphere to ensure relaxation.

We believe in the right of everyone to obtain high-quality medical services, so we provide the best services using the latest technology and techniques, and apply the best practices in the dental field, in order to provide excellent health care.

Our mission:
Providing high-level dental and cosmetic services in accordance with the highest quality standards, in light of the commitment to the continuous development of our services and the improvement of the expertise and skills of our employees, keeping in mind the desired future and relying on innovation, renewal and teamwork.