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Frequently asked questions

From 3 months to 4 months until the implant is installed in the mandible bone.

Takes from 10 minutes to 15 minutes per tooth.

  1. Correcting irregular spacing between teeth.
  2. Short teeth lengthening.
  3. Orthodontics.
  4. Treatment of teeth that change color after cutting the nerve.

Every six months or more depending on the patient's health status.

  1. Not taking care of mouth and tongue.
  2. Tobacco and smoking
  3. Harsh or spicy foods such as onions and garlic
  4. There are other reasons related to the smell of mouth such as: stomach acid reflux
  5. And liver and kidney diseases
  6. some medicine
  7. Sinusitis or pneumonia.

The cause of tooth caries is the bacteria that accumulate in the teeth. These bacteria produce acid that covers the enamel layer on the teeth.

Twice a day, with the use of medical thread.

The antibiotic is not used to treat pain, but used to treat inflammation or abscess. An appropriate antidepressant should be taken.

Due to feeding the child with the Infant formula which contains sugar.

There are several causes of extreme dental pain, including:

  1. The presence of age gaps due to caries
  2. The arrival of caries to the nerve
  3. A broken tooth
  4. Acute inflammation at the root of the tooth.

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