Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile launches a group of medical procedures aimed at reaching the teeth to the best possible condition and appearance through each of the following:

- Treating any problems related to the condition of the teeth, for example: caries, tooth root injuries, tooth erosion, tooth development deviations (orthodontics), dental abscesses, missing teeth, gum infections, etc.

- Teeth cleaning and tartar removal.

- Fitting dental lenses, known as veneers, to obtain the desired appearance of the teeth.

So when you go to the specialized dentist and request a Hollywood smile procedure, the doctor examines the case, conducts a comprehensive assessment of the condition of the teeth, and develops a work plan that includes a timetable for what should be done. In the best cases, the doctor installs the dental lenses directly after making sure that there are no problems hindering the installation of the lenses, while at times and when the condition of the teeth is bad, it takes time and several sessions to finish resolving dental problems first before starting the installation of the lenses.

Types of dental lenses:

Veneers are the most common name for dental lenses that are the essential part of the Hollywood smile process, and the name veneers are used for a wide range of brands of lenses, the most famous of which is luminaire, which is considered one of the best types of lenses, the thinnest, the hardest and also the least demanding for the thickness of the cold before installing the lenses. .

Benefits of Hollywood Smile:

- Its results are immediate, as you get perfect white teeth as soon as the lenses are inserted,

- You do not need to wait like teeth whitening treatments, which may need several sessions for the results to start showing.

- The result of a Hollywood smile lasts for a few years.

- Have perfect white teeth for a period of 8 to 10 years before your lenses need to be replaced.

- Dental lenses help to add a layer of protection to the teeth because they create a barrier between tooth enamel and between drinks, food and saliva.

- Harmonious white teeth give a wonderful psychological feeling and unparalleled self-confidence, as a beautiful smile is the key to the beauty of the mouth and face.